The life of my sister daniella

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Daniella’s Youtube is where followers can catch her behind-the-scenes life, but Bombshell is where she’s spilling the deets about Knight Squad, how her mom went from single-mom to momager to make Daniella’s dreams come true, and how she wants to continue her legacy of inspiration.

My son begged my sister (his aunt) to help; he begged on his knees for my sister to take my granddaughter, Daniella, in and be her guardian. My sister, Barbara, went to court on Easter Sunday,and offered to take in her "grand-niece" in as the guardian.

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Sep 28,  · I am smart, I am stubborn, I am troublesome, You wouldn't want to mess with me, But i am not a bad person, I am just Little Daiella.

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Enjoy My Show every Fridays and. My precious niece Daniella, having just turned 7, lost her mother on Tuesday, October Michelle died suddenly from a heart attack in her sleep. Our family is devastated and heart-broken at the loss of our sister, mother and daughter but our focus turns to her only daughter Daniella who lives in Krugersdorp, South Africa and now faces an uncertain .

The life of my sister daniella
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