The life of a field slave

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Field slaves in the United States

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27b. Slave Life and Slave Codes

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Field Slaves: An Overview

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The Life of a Field Slave

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For slaves, life on the plantation was grueling work, with little respite from the tyranny of the master or overseer's watchful eyes. Depending on their size, plantations comprised a multitude of buildings: the homes of the master's family, overseer, and slaves, as well as outbuildings, barns, and workshops.

Regardless of regional variations or diversity of tasks, slave women were unable to escape the brutal nature of plantation life.

The plantation was a complex enterprise consisting of many parts. Foremost among them were the field slaves.

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Slave women were expected to have alot of children so their masters would have more slaves to work the fields or to sell at his decretion.

Childbearing started at the age of thirteen and if a slave woman did not get pregnant sometimes their masters took it upon themselves to impregnant them or sell them.  The Life of a Field Slave VS the House Slave Slavery was a ruthless and dreadful way of life for all slaves.

Yet there were differences in rank between slaves. Minor class slaves were “field slaves”. Superior class slaves were “house slaves”.

The daily routines of these slaves differed to a great extent. A Day in the Life of a Field Slave Slaves who worked the fields worked such varied southern cash crops as tobacco, rice, sugar, and cotton. These slaves were in the fields from sunup 'til sundown - at harvest time they worked an eighteen hour day.

The life of a field slave
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The Life of a Field Slave | fieldslaves