Gandhis educational philosophy of naturalism

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What is the impact of Gandhi's philosophy on education?impact on todays education

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In Tagore’s philosophy of education, the aesthetic development of the senses was as important as the intellectual–if not more so–and music, literature, art, dance and drama were given great prominence in the daily life of the school.

May 29,  · Rabindranath Tagore, a true philosopher developed an ideal experimental education institution in Santiniketan. Tagore was a great advocate of spiritual education and also stressed on harmonious development of the child with equal emphasis on mental, social and emotional Rising world.

Rabindranath Tagore on education

Gandhi’s Philosophy of Non Violence: a Model for Democracy in Nigeria. Background of Study. Apparently to many people, development and revolutions. Gandhian Philosophy on Truth and Non-violence Truth and non-violence. The idea of truth and non-violence is at the core Mahatma Gandhi’s political thought.

Education in the understanding of citizenship is a short-term affair if we are honest and earnest. Basic education links the children, whether of cities or the villages, to all that is best and lasting in India. Mahatma Gandhi Foundation (India) is devoted to Mohandas and Kasturba Gandhi and contains references to books, cartoons, pictures and quotes, & homage.

The Gandhi Information Center (Germany) is for research and education on non-violence.

Gandhis educational philosophy of naturalism
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Gandhi's Views On Education - Education As Per Mahatma Gandhi