An overview of the philosophy of libertarianism

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Libertarianism (metaphysics)

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Libertarian Beliefs And Philosophy

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Contemporary Political Philosophy: An Introduction [Will Kymlicka] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This new edition of Will Kymlicka's best selling critical introduction to contemporary political theory has been fully revised to include many of the most significant developments in Anglo-American political philosophy in the last.

Matt Zwolinski is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of San Diego, and co-director of USD’s Institute for Law and has published numerous articles at the intersection of politics, law, economics, with a special focus on issues of exploitation and political libertarianism.

He is the editor of Arguing About Political Philosophy. Philosophy and Public Affairs, 32 (1), 66–92, Ostensibly a critique of the coherence and alleged "libertarianism" of contemporary left-libertarian theories.

Fried's criticisms, however, apply to many natural-rights approaches to right-libertarianism as well. Neo-libertarianism is a political and social philosophy that is a combination of libertarian principles with modern liberal principles.

Contents. Overview. Neo-libertarianism has its roots at least as far back as when it was first described by James Sterba of the University of Notre Dame. Libertarianism is a family of views in political philosophy. Libertarians strongly value individual freedom and see this as justifying strong protections for individual freedom.

Libertarianism is one of the main philosophical positions related to the problems of free will and determinism, which are part of the larger domain of metaphysics.


In particular, libertarianism, which is an incompatibilist position, [2] [3] argues that free will is logically incompatible with a deterministic universe and that agents have free.

An overview of the philosophy of libertarianism
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