A biography of claude mckay life born in the west indian island of jamaica

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Caribbean literature

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Claude McKay Additional Biography

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Festus Claudius McKay was born to Hannah Ann Elizabeth McKay (née Edwards) and Thomas McKay, peasant farmers and landowners of Clarendon Parish, Jamaica.

Born in James Hill, Clarendon on 15th September,he began writing poetry as a schoolboy. He worked as a policeman in Spanish Town and when he was twenty-two had his first volume of poems, Songs of Jamaica () published.

In McKay moved to the United States where he attended Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and Kansas State University. Jamaica’s profound pool of literary talent belies the island nation’s size and reinforces its importance as a cultural heavyweight within the Caribbean.

Claude McKay () Lindsay Barrett was an experimental writer who was committed to progressive causes. He was born and raised in Jamaica before moving to London in his early.

A Biography of Claude McKay Life Born in the West Indian Island of Jamaica. American poet and novelist Claude McKay was born on the West Indian island of Jamaica in His parents were poor farmworkers, and Claude got no.

A biography of claude mckay life born in the west indian island of jamaica
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McKay, Claude () | The Black Past: Remembered and Reclaimed